Making a positive impact on those who work for you

By Henry Brown

Far too many business owners forget a very obvious point when it comes to growing their companies; you need employees to be successful. Now, that sounds like an extremely silly thing to mention and most entrepreneurs know this as a fact, but far too many people underestimate just how crucial it is to have employees who actually look up to their boss.

To make your staff more likely to stay with your company and go the extra mile, we need to focus on how to make an impact on their lives. We need to look at ways to make a profound difference to their wellbeing so they’re more likely to stick with us and give us their loyalty. Let’s examine just what employees want when it comes to a job so we can prepare our businesses to retain staff, not cycle through talent.

Maintaining a positive attitude

It should be obvious that a positive office culture is much easier to work in. Make sure you smile, be positive with every challenge you face and don’t throw blame around like a child when something goes wrong. Work together with your team to solve problems and never start shifting blame around because it will quickly lead to a destabilized office culture that could collapse at any moment.

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Employees are learning just like you. Through their mistakes and successes, they’ll learn how to be a better employee and grow their knowledge. That’s why it’s important to look at a knowledge transfer strategy so you can pass down your knowledge to your employees, thus teaching them how your business runs, optimal strategies and acting as their mentor, not just their boss.

Take an interest in their lives

Don’t be nosy, but don’t completely forget that your staff have lives outside of the office too. Make sure you give them space to do their own things and help them with their commitments. For instance, if they have kids and they’re having difficultly balancing their work and personal life, let them work from home for a couple of days or give them a break to relax.

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Most people have heard of the saying “fail faster,” but not everyone understands that it can also apply to their employees and not just the entrepreneur. Your employees are going to make mistakes and some of them may be absolutely devastating to your business. However, you need to discern whether it was done maliciously or accidentally. Most of the time, it will be an accident and you should always give your employees the benefit of doubt, especially if they have a history of working hard for your cause.

Failing to retain your staff is a common business mistake. Far too many entrepreneurs forget just how important their employees are and neglect to nurture a workplace culture that is sustainable. Make a positive impact on those who work for you and you’ll find that it becomes far easier to operate your business and grow your company.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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