Need a business boost? A trade show could be the ticket

Making a presentation at a trade show can give your business profile a real boost.

Speaking at a trade show can give your business profile a significant boost.

By Henry Brown

A lot of small business owners think they don’t have much need for a trade show. They see it as something that only other companies do. They jump to the conclusion that it simply wouldn’t do them much good. After all, isn’t regular marketing hard enough to stay on top of? And isn’t a trade show sort of limited when it comes to the potential audience?

The fact is that a trade show can do a lot of good for pretty much any sort of business. Of course, you have to have the resources to get to such an event in the first place, although some may be taking place in your backyard. Many local and regional chambers of commerce, for example, conduct trade shows. But the gains you could make from it are incredible. We’re going to take a quick look at them, just in case you’re still dismissing the idea.

The sort of audience you can access

I get why the audience seems limited. After all, you’ve got the Internet to compare it to. Pretty much anyone with an Internet connection could be exposed to your marketing there. Trade shows are limited to whoever is in the area and can afford a ticket, right? What you’ve got to remember is that these places are usually very busy. And they’re filled with exactly the kind of people you want to market to. Potential customers and clients surround you!

A chance to show your ingenuity

Trade shows get you out there. They get you in front of people, strengthening the potential to show off your skills and personality. Pretty much everything you do at the event is a chance to show off your talent. The way you talk to people. The items you give away. The event display you’re using. This sort of approach can really leave a long-lasting impression.

Direct and cheap

Marketing costs can become pretty complex very quickly. Assessing their use is also pretty tricky. You’ve got analytics and outsourcers to consider. You’ve got to figure out the cost per sale if you want to get the most of the whole thing. And the cost per sale of your average marketing campaign is often pretty high. But the cost per sale at a trade show can be remarkably low. People here are actively looking for opportunities to spend. And you can tailor your approach to each one.

A goldmine for social media content

Content is vital for the success of your social media accounts. And a trade show will give you plenty of opportunities to share posts on Twitter and Facebook. Photos of the event, success reports, jokes about what’s going on… There’s a lot of potential for content and engagement even for the people who aren’t at the event itself!


No article about the wonders of a trade show is complete without a quick dip into networking. Because trade shows definitely offer one of the best networking opportunities in any field. You’re surrounded by like-minded business owners. Think of them as potential friends, not just competition! And even if a given person doesn’t want to complete a sale, they may know someone else who would be very interested. Don’t squander this opportunity to network!


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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