New resource to help small businesses optimize their online presence

image-portal-658240_640I am always on the lookout for new, affordable resources that can help our readers grow their small businesses. is one such resource. They reached out to me recently with news that they have just released their series on how small business owners can optimize their online presence to help ensure they are setup for success.

“When small businesses make the decision to grow larger via the Internet, they enter a new playing field with its own set of unique challenges,” says Sherry Matamorosa of “Most small businesses fail in establishing themselves online, largely because they cannot overcome common marketing challenges that the digital landscape presents.”

Regardless of what marketing methods are employed, Matamorosa points to three key ingredients for online success:

1. Enabling potential customers to find the business through a Google search

2. Connecting and creating engagement through social media platforms to spread brand awareness

3. Reputation management to instill brand loyalty has developed free guides that will help entrepreneurs and small businesses improve their digital footprint in these key areas. Visit to view the entire guide. All the guides are good, but I particularly found the post about free online resources to help you with your online presence valuable. I will definitely be using some of the tools they describe to make this blog better!

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