Online companies help you show appreciation to employees

Survey after survey has shown that, contrary to what many employers believe, money is not the most important thing to most workers. By and large, what employees really want is to have meaningful work in an environment that features mutual respect between the boss and the worker. Workers who are respected and whose hard work is routinely acknowledged are happier, more productive, and more apt to stick around.

But how can you, as a small business owner who has to watch carefully watch each and every expense, show your appreciation to workers? Two different online solutions are available, which means they’re great for companies working with a virtual model in which employees work remotely.

The first solution is an HR concierge service, like Circles, which provides your employees with 24/7 access 365 days a year to a team of personal assistants that help them with everything from ordering flowers, arranging house cleaning services, booking travel, or having their car detailed. Work/life balance is highly prized by employees, so imagine how delighted they will be if you make it simpler for them to find and schedule the services they need to make their non-work lives easier? (Circles also offers a customer concierge service that helps companies increase customer loyalty that you might want to check out.)

Another solution comes from a company called AnyPerk, which offers a wide range of attractive employee perks, benefits and discounts. For just about $7.50 to $10.00 per employee a month, you can open up a world of perks for employees that included discounted gym members, restaurant and travel deals, discounts on clothing and jewelry, and free movie tickets. (The monthly price per employee decreases as your head count rises.)

One of the great things about this program is that your employees can pick the perks that mean the most to them. The program also features a “reward” feature that allows you to dole out additional benefits to workers who go above and beyond in the performance of their job.

By using solutions like these to show employees you value their work and their loyalty, you can improve productivity and reduce turnover. This, in turn, will help you grow your bottom line, making your investment in such services well worth it to your small business.

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