Planning a festive event for your staff

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By Henry Brown

The festive season is upon us. As we make our way through November, many of us are becoming increasingly aware of how quickly Christmas and other festivities are going to roll around. This can mean many things for a business. It can mean the busiest shopping period, maximum sales, maximum profits and a heavy workload for everyone involved. But it should also be a time for celebration. For showing your staff that they are appreciated. For looking forward to the year ahead together. This is why it’s generally advised that business owners organize some sort of event for staff. Whether that’s a Christmas party, a new year celebration or anything else. Of course, this can take some time and effort to plan, so it’s best to get started sooner rather than later.

Here are some tips that will help you plan your event as seamlessly as possible!

Choose a date

First, you need to choose a date. Most people choose to celebrate towards the Christmas break, as this allows staff to focus on their work and then kick back and relax once the majority is complete. Many businesses also tend to choose a weekend or a Friday evening, so staff can celebrate without having to worry about coming into work and performing well the next day. Make sure that you give staff plenty of notice about the celebration. This will allow everyone to make the necessary arrangements to attend. Remember that some members may need to budget accordingly or arrange childcare to attend.

Choose a venue

Where are you going to celebrate? While some companies do simply use thier own office space, many find that hosting a party outside of the workplace creates more of a sense of occasion. Consider hosting at specialist venues like at Evins Mill. Being outside of the office allows people to disconnnect and let their hair down and also ensures that you and your team don’t have to deal with the clear up.

Arrange food and drink

Will you be offering food at your event? If not, most do provide drinks, so this area at least will need to be organized. Make sure that there’s plenty of choice. Sure, many people will opt for alcoholic options, but you should ensure that there are non-alcoholic choices available too. If you are provided food, make sure to check dietary requirements, as you may need to provide options that cater to allergies or vegan and vegetarian or gluten free diets.

Organize music

What is a party without music? Whether that’s the main attraction of the event, or simply background music to create a sense of atmosphere and keep everyone talking. You need to make sure that something is in place. Whether that’s simply a playlist with speakers or an actual DJ or band.

These are just a few steps towards organizing a workplace celebration around the festive period. Hopefully, some of the tips will help!


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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