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Running a small business is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. Before you can have a delicious taste of success, you need to think about surviving and getting the organization off the ground. Each stage of growth is teeming with specific challenges, which is why business expansion is an endeavor that requires solid foundations. This calls for hard work, careful planning, strategic thinking and market knowledge. Alas, there is no guarantee for business success and you can only do everything that is within your power to invoke it.

Planning ahead

Ensuring long-term growth begins with the creation of a detailed business proposal. It must be rooted in the thorough planning process and include the predictions about twists and turns the market could take. Core strategies are not set in stone, though, just as market currents are not frozen in time. Strike a fine balance between being adaptive and consistent, and set aside some funds for lean times.

This will enable you to confront the inevitable market changes that will come your way and make a successful transition, while keeping the steady growth course. A strategic vision should encompass the driving force of the business (a specific product, for example), and an ideal position you want to attain. Just do not try to reinvent the wheel. Make an impact by creating synergies with your offerings.

Marketing strategies

You might have developed a killer product and stellar services, but that is not all it takes to attract paying customers. Consequently, marketing strategies are a must have, even for a company of humble financial capabilities. Traditional marketing channels are often out of reach for smaller players, but today you also have some inexpensive tools for your business arsenal.

Therefore, to fuel long-term growth, business owners must use digital marketing strategies as a backbone of their efforts. So, build an engaging website, set up the SEO campaign and engage in keyword research. Access the performance of your site in terms of search engine rankings with the help of tools like SEOzio and WooRank. Use facts and figures collected in this area to step up the marketing game and spread brand awareness.

Focusing on the employees

Small businesses that aspire towards quick growth rely heavily on staff. Hence, define your hiring policy and prepare questions for the interviews carefully. Do not make the mistake of grabbing the first person you come across. This only impedes your ability to achieve sustainable results and create a healthy work environment. Newcomers must fit into the company’s culture, posses the essential skillet, and be ready to roll up their sleeves.

Desired growth and business results require everyone to stay on the same page and be up to the daily tasks. With latest software solutions, this is made much easier than before. Platforms like Basecamp simplify the project management process and give means for the constant flow of information in the company.

The premises

When it comes to your workspace, you should muse on its limitations. Predict the dynamics of your growth, and see if the current premises offer a long-term solution. Are you on the outskirts of a town where it might be inconvenient for customers or your employees to commute to? Consider moving somewhere more central, this would be wise if you’re in a prospective area such as Fort Mill in York County. Getting a more prevalent premises closer to town will increase footfall and with the high level of growth York County is experiencing it will pay itself back as you get in whilst rent is cheap. This is the same elsewhere, look for areas of higher growth and consider if the move to somewhere nearby could benefit you. Also, think beyond sterile, unimaginative offices that have bothered workers long enough. A small business does not have to go for ping-pong tables and free restaurants like corporate giants, so make it simple and effective. This will save you money to focus on the location and other elements of your business.

Still, do not lose sight of functionality, and get your hands on some comfy chairs and office tables. The supplier of quality office furniture in Sydney has explained the importance of such pieces in maintaining employee’s health and allowing them to reach peak performance. Blending the appealing design and décor with practical features, one can pull together a stimulating work environment that is a joy to work in.


People work for other people, not companies. In this case, they work for you. To be a proper captain of the ship, there are a couple of things you should do. Be prepared to lead by example, inspire loyalty, and never avoid lifting your own weight. Passion and enthusiasm are contagious, so do not run out of steam while on an expansion campaign. Never stop learning and investing in yourself, and foster a business mind.

Attend business fairs, shows, and workshops to stay in tune with emerging trends, technologies, and necessary skills. As much as all of this reflects on your company, do not think this is a one-person show. As the company grows, think about delegating some of the work efficiently, and educating others on business strategies and operations.

A matter of loyalty

Business growth gravitates around boosting sales and spreading brand awareness. However, if you really mean business, you cannot focus only on acquiring new customers. You owe your present position to people who have already laid their trust in you. So do not take their loyalty for granted: It must not only be earned, but also maintained.

Allocate resources towards personalized customer service and launch loyalty programs. Offer incentive and rewards to your most loyal customers, give them discounts for repeated purchase, and let them be the first to know about new offerings. For small business owners, it is important to realize that the costs of keeping an old customer are way lower than those of obtaining a new one.

A heart of gold

Starting small should not prevent you from thinking big. Polish your products and services so they reflect the distinctive voice of your company and your long-term growth plans. Pay attention to your workspace, and nurture a motivated team that enhances the output.

Do not let the loyalty of your customers waver, and always provide service excellence. Challenge yourself to constantly improve and enter the marketing arena ready to win the thundering roar of the crowd.

With all these steps, you should be able to stay on top of customers’ minds and find a way into their hearts.


Chloe Taylor is an art historian, recreational ballet dancer and a contributor at She is passionate about photography, dance and music. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. She also enjoys learning and writing about various aesthetics, business and psychology related topics. You can find Chloe on FB, Twitter, and G+.

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