Renovate your small business space: Purpose, positive outcomes and planning

Choose the color theme for your business renovation carefully. Color psychology research can help guide you on this.

By Henry Brown

As your small business changes and advances over time, the exterior and interior of your premises will inevitably begin to deteriorate, no longer reflecting the values and progress your business has made this far. A renovation is the art of altering, repairing, fixing and changing a space to upgrade its original fittings such as electrical and plumbing systems, installed equipment, alongside the aesthetics and functions of the premises.

For small business owners curious about the reasoning and outcomes behind why renovating is essential for a company and how to get started with their own, this is the guide for you.

Purpose of renovating your business

You may already have an idea in mind why a renovation is right for your business, or you are curious as to why people decide to renovate their premises in the first instance. After all, remodeling can be quite costly, so what does it actually do in terms of improving your business beyond its current status. Here are insights into the effect an overhaul of your business space could have on its future.


Taking care of the premises your employees spend their work days in tells your staff you have faith in your business’s future, that you care about the environment they work in, and that you’re willing to invest money back into the company to make it better. All of these points instill desirable characteristics among staff. If you’re wondering how taking care of your staffs’ well being will positively impact your business, it can improve productivity, staff morale and loyalty to remain with your business. Working in a new, fresh environment is undeniably better than working in a tired, run-down building, thus choosing to renovate your company will have a positive impact on your employees and in turn your business.


The surroundings that enclose your products and services are vital especially when your customers will be present on the premises. Tired, outdated decor doesn’t express success to new and existing customers or a willingness to invest in the business’s future. This is especially important if, for instance, you are attempting to sell a prestigious item with a high price tag. Displaying such a product in a rundown business atmosphere will not encourage trust or meet the consumer’s expectations of how they assume to find a particular product presented; this could also besmirch the reputation of your business. For instance, companies such as Apple own create stores that reflect the vision and values of their business and entice the customers they want to attract to their products.

Renovating your business space for your employees and customers will help you maintain and even increase your business’s profitability. When customers and employees are in an environment that either meets or, better yet, exceeds their expectations, staff will work more productively and have more pride in their work, and customers will be convinced the concepts, services, and products you sell are professional, trustworthy and of value.


If you’re convinced renovating your business is right for you, you may be considering where to start and what areas are most essential. Below are three categories to highlight critical areas you should reflect on before committing to a renovation project.

Business assessment

Once you have a purpose for your renovation in mind, this will help support your evaluation to decide what needs changing. You should order each job in terms of its priority. Any issues that have or may cause health and safety issues should be addressed first.

Secondly, assess what work needs doing in terms of what plan is practical. For example, there is no point in painting walls if they need to be hammered into for the industrial electrician to replace the old wiring to an updated electrical system. Equally the same should be considered for plumbing too. Arranging your list in terms of the mentioned points will allow you to establish what needs to be done, and the order that is most appropriate. This will save delays and money being wasted during the renovation process.

Renovation budget

You may already have a budget set aside; if not, estimate the costs for the repairs, and decorating work on the list you have created. If you are struggling for estimates, you can ask for quotes. This will allow you to gauge whether the renovation you have in mind is reasonable in terms of the cost. Be sure to get more than one estimate for each job since provider costs can sometimes vary widely. For example, get different quotes for the electrical services you need to see what company to go for!

Interior selection

Beyond major repairs and health and safety issues that need rectifying onsite, you can begin to select the interior and create a new look for your business space. The best way to do this is to source inspiration from other businesses and social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. You can also visit DIY stores to look at colors. When opting for a palette, consider the psychology of colors to choose the hues that represent your brand but also provide the impact you want to bestow on your staff and customers. Choosing a color theme will give you the basis to rest your decor efforts on and offer you a vision to emulate in your business space.

A holistic approach for upgrading and improving your business from all angles on a gradual basis, whether it’s your website, branding or renovating your business premises, will always be an essential attribute to enable you to create a healthy profit from your small business. Continuous improvement in business is a necessity to secure it’s a success now and for the future, which is why renovating your business when you feel it is necessary and you have the budget to do so is something you should strongly consider instigating.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.


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