Resources for women in small business

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By Katie Tejada

Women deserve to have access to funding and other opportunities to start their own businesses, but it’s notoriously difficult for women to get their foot in the door of the entrepreneurial world. In an effort to provide women in small business with the education and resources they need, a variety of organizations are geared toward assisting women. They offer a broad range of benefits, such as networking opportunities with investors and fundamental education and training about the basics of opening and owning a business.

The Small Business Administration

Women who own small businesses can find an abundance of resources through the United States Small Business Administration, or SBA. The SBA’s Office of Women’s Business Ownership serves women entrepreneurs. The organization boasts more than 100 centers, all of which offer counseling, training, and business education on any topic that you can imagine. Women entrepreneurs or solopreneurs can also check out the Women-Owned Small Businesses Federal Contracting Program, an SBA-sponsored program that provides women with opportunities to win federal contracts.

The International Association of Women

Joining the International Association of Women, or IAW, is a valuable experience for women who own or want to own small businesses. Members can attend a variety of networking opportunities both face-to-face and virtually. They can also help with the development of your business and your brand, along with your overall business plan. In addition to teaching you how to promote yourself, the organization will give you access to promotional events and opportunities, as well.

BizCentral USA

For help with the fundamentals of starting a small business, BizCentral USA is a resource that offers a wide-ranging choice of features and services for women. The company can help with brand development, business plans, and graphic design, but it also assists with structuring a business with necessary departments, such as accounting, human resources, and payroll. In addition to educational resources, the company can guide you through the documentation needed to apply for licenses and the appropriate business certifications.

The National Association of Women Business Owners

NAWBO, short for the National Association of Women Business Owners, is an organization that you have to join and for which you have to pay dues. While that can sometimes be hard for novice business owners, joining will open up new doors. The organization’s sole goal is to give women all over the world the tools they need to exercise power economically, politically, professionally, and socially. Look for a chapter in your city. Becoming a dues-paying member will afford you access to educational opportunities and chances to network. You can also find training courses and other resources on the organization’s official website.

Having a solid idea is only the first step a woman must take before beginning her own small business. From there, it’s essential to look into certifications, build a business plan, and network with the right people. Now you know where to begin to get the help that you need. Do you know about any other resources?


Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional. She enjoys writing about developments in HR, business certifications, recruiting, and small business success.

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