Rewriting your business story to build small business loyalty

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By Henry Brown

The pandemic has proven undeniably difficult for small businesses, with a record 250,000 on the brink of closure according to the FSB. This is hardly surprising in an age where physical operations have halted altogether, leaving many small business owners entirely unable to afford the technology needed for continued operations. Even for those who already had online sales in place, business typically hangs by a shoestring.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom. A renewed customer loyalty for small businesses is rising out of the ashes, with #shopsmall already having done the rounds a fair few times on social media. This, paired with the fact that shoppers now have more traction about where they choose to spend their money, has led to a definite shift for the positive.

But, to make the most of the benefits on offer, small businesses need to think about what those renewed customers are looking for. Far from unknown entities, people right now seek stories to go alongside their purchases. And, we’ve got a few tips to help you rewrite yours in light of this post-pandemic audience.

Be transparent

While there is an audience for mystery in literary circles, no one wants that kind of story from the small businesses they’re supporting. Rather, take your lessons from companies like Lucy & Yak, who have been 100% honest with their audience about where they come from, how they develop their products and even the details of their factory processes and wholesale jeans suppliers for anyone who’s interested. And, they’ve got one of the strongest modern-day cult followings to show for it! No one wants out of reach, elusive companies anymore. They want businesses that share their stories, bare bones and all, to avoid the skeletons in the closet that we’re all fed up of hearing from companies like Amazon.

Find your happily ever after

We all love a happy ending and, while your business journey should never ‘end,’ as such, it is still possible to find a happily ever after with your customers. Specifically, a focus on upselling can pay big right now, especially given that loyal customers are around 60-70% more likely to convert. By continuing to enhance your product range with this on-going relationship trajectory in mind, you ensure happy outcomes, while also increasing your chances at the word of mouth that’s really powering small business growth at the moment.

Don’t be afraid to share

While social media has been a prerequisite for success for a while at this stage, it’s especially important right now. After all, this is the only place for small business owners to communicate directly with their loyal customers. Here, you’ll be able to share both your story and your lockdown life to create a close-knit community of loyal followers who love your stuff, and aren’t afraid to tell their friends about it.

These are undeniably hard days for many small businesses but, as you can see, new opportunities are making themselves known if you just get a grip on this new loyalty focus.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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