Save money for your small business by reducing energy usage

Switching to energy efficient light bulbs is one way to reduce your business' electric bill.

Switching to energy efficient light bulbs is one way to reduce your business’ electric bill.

By Robert Mathew

Small businesses need to use power to succeed. And power costs money. You can reduce power consumption, however, and save money in the meantime. This is important for every small business, because the more money you can save, the better your bottom line will look. In addition to saving money, saving energy also reduces your company’s negative imprint on the environment.

Although it may be tempting to assume that the only best to reduce your energy costs is to reduce the initial costs of the fuels, that’s not necessarily true – and it’s certainly not always possible. Even still, there are lots of small steps any business owner can take to use less energy and save money. These include:

Lower the thermostat in your office by just a degree or two. You won’t perceive much difference in the temperature, but it will certainly make a difference on your electricity bill.

Don’t heat or cool rooms you don’t use. If there is office space, meeting space or other rooms that are not regularly in use, close the doors to those rooms and close the vents in those rooms. Use the energy to heat or cool the rooms you do use.

Use energy efficient light bulb. Instead of those ultra-bright, energy-sucking fluorescent lights that can be very expensive to run, opt for a greener choice. You’ll still get more than adequate light but you won’t spend as much on your electricity.

When you aren’t using electrical appliances, electronics, computers or machinery, turn them off. Instead of simply leaving these items idling, unplug them (such as on Friday before the weekend or when your company is about to undergo an extended works shutdown). This will save much more energy than simply shutting down the machines because even when they are not technically on, plugged-in items still use energy. That can end up costing you money unnecessarily.

Make it a company policy to turn off lights when one leaves the office for the day.

Check all of your windows and doors to ensure that there are no drafts present.

Generate your own electricity through things like solar panels.

There are many different ways to manage your power usage in your company. First, it’s important ot honestly take stock of your energy use and determine where you can make some changes to impact your energy consumption and costs. Contact a company such as to investigate your back up power needs in case the power ever goes out. Finally, make small changes every day that will over time add up to a big impact on the amount of energy your business uses. These small steps don’t require a lot of effort or time on your part or on the part of your employees, but they can make a big difference in the long run.


Robert Mathew is a renewable energy enthusiast. He loves to write about power saving tips, UPS and green energy. He encourages his family, friends and neighbors to try out his power saving tips and reduce their electricity costs. You can find out more details by visiting


  1. Panels NI says:

    Businesses should also invest in renewable energy systems including solar panels. This way they can generate electricity or heat their premises and save money.

  2. Energy efficient light bulbs are a great way to save money as a business.

  3. Let your life save for you!!! Here's what I mean…any time you buy something on sale put the difference between the regular price and the sale price in your savings account. For example if you buy a shirt that you would have bought anyway for $20 but it's usually $25, put that $5 in your savings. Same if you buy groceries…if you find something that's 50 cents off put that 50 cents in your savings.

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