Simple hacks to boost your small business marketing

Your marketing images have a tremendous impact; make sure you're getting them right.

Your marketing images have a tremendous impact; make sure you’re getting them right.

By Henry Brown

No matter how long you have run your small business, you know the importance of marketing. Even beginners know that marketing is key, and old pros definitely have learned that lesson, sometimes the hard way. However, without any practical advice, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should be doing to keep your marketing on top form. To help you answer this all-important question, here are some essential marketing concepts you need to bear in mind.

Research is king.

Marketing without the proper prior research is liable to be weak. You see examples of this everywhere in the form of dying or dead businesses. Marketing without research is, to a large extent, completely pointless. You need to know who it is you are approaching with any marketing scheme. You need to know your market’s demographics inside out, so you can target their needs and expectations properly. Before you go about designing your campaign, spend a good deal of time researching the real people you are approaching.

Images are better than words.

A basic tenet of advertising is that images have a much deeper impact than words. To see the truth of this, you only need to turn on a television. Television advertising is just about the most effective means of marketing there has ever been. That’s not an exaggeration; it’s true. If you have the budget for television marketing early on, then you are guaranteed to see a significant positive impact on your business. Even if you are not considering television, it is important to remember that images are powerful. A video presentation is just about one of the best things you can create if you want to sell your ideas. Remember, though: professionalism is key. Use experts like Suite Spot video production to ensure it is as good as possible.

Cater to curiosity.

What works most of all in marketing is to cater to people’s natural curiosity. This is a normal element of how people think. If you create a mystery, and then promise to give the answer, people will flock to hear it. Advertisers have been doing this for years. If you think of a successful marketing campaign, I guarantee it includes some air of mystery. Remember this when you are planning your marketing strategy.

Keep it simple.

Finally, remember that simplicity wins out over all, every time. There is just something about a simple, clear message and image that work well to draw people in. People are likely to get interested much faster if you keep it as simple as possible. They will also be more likely to remember the information for longer. Whenever there is a choice between simple and complex, simple wins every time.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop he’s roaming the streets of London; uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.


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