Simple ways to warm up your cold leads

Need to light a fire under those cold leads? Use these techniques.

Need to light a fire under those cold leads? Use these techniques.

By Henry Brown

The more leads you have for your business, the more you can turn into paying customers. But, not all leads will give you the same value. The warmer they are the better chances of getting them on board with your product or service. Today’s guide is all about the warming up process, and how you turn a cold lead into something more valuable for your business. Let’s get started right away.

Focus on customer service

When people look for products and services, they aren’t yet in the buying stage. They are just looking around and testing the water before making any decision. It is essential that you understand this point, and make sure that any contact between your business and your customer comes over well. Try not to be pushy – just answer their questions and do the best you can to provide helpful information. It will pay off in the vast majority of cases, and when they are ready to buy, your customer will remember your service.

Use SEO and CRO

Don’t underestimate the power of the web when it comes to warming up potential customers. You should already know how important SEO is to your online business when it comes to people finding your site. And, according to Upstate Marketing, you could say it’s the ultimate lead generation tool. Individuals who arrive on your site are there because of what they are looking for – it’s their interest that has brought them there. But once they are there, it’s vital to convert them using CRO (conversion rate optimization) techniques. It could be by making it easy for them to buy something, all the way down to signing them up for a newsletter. Try and cover as many stages of the buying process as possible.

Build authority

Make sure you speak as an authority figure of your industry at all times. People like to know they are dealing with people who know what they are talking about. And, they are more likely to buy something when they trust your advice and knowledge. Think about the content you put on your blog or website – is it valuable? Does it give them what they need to know? Are you consistent across all platforms? A cold visitor soon warms up when they get excellent and informative information from your site. It’s the same in the offline world. In a retail environment, for example, you can make recommendations for similar products. It shows you are knowledgeable, and your clients will be more likely to return when they need info or want to buy a product.

Offer time-limited promotions

Another great way to tip the scales in your favor is to provide time-sensitive deals and promotions. As an example, you could have a callout box on your website, offering a discount code if a visitor makes a purchase on the day they visit. If you can encourage them to act now rather than later, they will be less likely to go elsewhere.


We hope you can turn some of those cold leads into something far closer to a sale. Good luck!


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop he’s roaming the streets of London; uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.


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