Solopreneurs don’t get enough credit

Being a solopreneur means you get to do things your way.

By Henry Brown

Business is one of the hardest games going. So many people are trying to sell themselves, and their products in order to make it in this world. There are a few types of business owners: People who have had a company handed down to them, people who work their way up and take over a company, people who enter into business with another person. Then there’s the hardest working of them all, the solopreneurs. It’s so daunting being on your own, starting something from scratch. If you’re not a solopreneur, here’s a little insight into what they go through.

The set up

Setting up is hard for anybody, whether you’re on your own or not. But having to manage every single little task on your own is stressful. From registering yourself as a business, right through to setting up your home office. There are obviously various people who can help you through each stage. There are online guides to help you register yourself, and hopefully, family or friends may help you with the office. But knowing you’re ultimately on your own will still loom over your head. You’ll then be looking to brand yourself. Thinking of the name and logo won’t be too hard, but then there’s the process of setting up a branded email, a website, social media accounts, etc. All of which is a long process to sort out by yourself.

The stress & worry

Again, the stress any business owner goes through is immense, but going solo only doubles this experience. You’ll have fewer people to confide in who understand what you’re going through. In the beginning, you’ll most likely be working long hours, and sometimes into the night just to try and make sure you’re successful. The lack of sleep then amplifies the stress and worry as your brain can’t think straight when it hasn’t had enough sleep. It is so common for stresses of work to spill over into personal life. It can quickly become a downwards spiral towards wanting to give up. With such lack of help and guidance, it’s easy to worry you’re not doing a good enough job. Yet it is usually solopreneurs who do the best.

The gains and losses

The one thing that’s hard about business is there will be a lot of losses. It can really knock the confidence of someone who’s going solo, but it’s something everyone has to deal with. If in the beginning there seems to be more losses than there are gains, it’s hard for someone who’s risking everything on their own to keep going. There are not many people to ask “Is this normal”, or “Will I be okay?”. The risk factor is so huge. The gains, however, are the best feeling in the world. All that hard work will start paying off, and it’ll feel like you can conquer anything on your own if you can conquer the business world.

Being a solopreneur is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding ways to enter into business. More recognition should be given to the people who succeed at going it alone!


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.


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