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How to find the perfect name for your new business

Finding the right name for your new business is a key step toward attracting your target market. Follow these tips to get it right.

3 essential skills for today’s small business owners

Rosana Beechum writes about three skills that will support your small business success.

Match the big brands by using social media to drive website traffic

Employs these social media dos and don’ts to build your small business brand.

Don’t let employees damage your small business brand on social media

Jeanne Yocum offers tips on how to avoid having your small business brand damaged by stupid things employees do on social media.

5 opportunities you shouldn’t ignore in your small business

Are you taking advantage of these 5 opportunities for growing your small business?

How to trash your brand and alienate customers

Henry Brown discusses mistakes that can quickly devalue your small business brand.

How to get the clients you want most

Michelle van Schouwen gives sage advice on how to find and keep the best type of client for your small business or solo practice.

4 reasons why print marketing is still important

Henry Brown suggests 4 key reasons to include printed material in your small business marketing.

Marketing ideas for your small retail business

Henry Brown suggests ways small retail store owners can make their business stand out.

Face swap: Ditching branding that isn’t working

Henry Brown writes about why you might want to consider updating or revising your small business branding.

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