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Good small biz reads #10: Find your point of difference, raising dough, and doing a good job with your business writing

As we launch into May, it’s time for another edition of good small biz reads, in which I share three of the best articles I’ve found in the past month to help guide small business owners along the path to success.

Care for your customers with good writing

Clear written communication is a must for good customer service. Sending customers murky messages will lead to higher volumes of calls to your busy customer service staff. The final outcome: frustrated customers and overloaded front-line workers.

Six tips for writing proposals that win business

Increasingly, savvy business owners are requiring proposals to ensure that they get the best possible solution at an attractive price; learning how to write great proposals to increase your win rate is a must. Once you are confident in your ability to compete on paper, proposals will become less of a necessary evil and more of a sure-fire way to gain a competitive edge.
Here are tips for making sure your business proposals are winner.s

3 books every business owner should read

The three books I’m going to recommend that every business owner–actually, every business person–should read are books about grammar. That’s right, grammar.

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