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7 easy ways to make your business more attractive to customers

Dixie Somers offers tips on how to increase the customer base of your small business.

How to make your customers feel comfortable with your business

Henry Brown offers ideas on how to provide a good customer experience that helps people feel comfortable with your business.

Providing proper customer service to your online shoppers

Henry Brown suggests key ways to keep your online shoppers happy and coming back.

How to make your small business more user-centric

Lexie Lu suggests ways to make your small business more customer-centric.

4 ways small business owners can benefit from artificial intelligence

Chloe Smith explains how artificial intelligence can support the success of your small business.

Customer service & retail 101: Infographic

Running a retail store is hard these days; this infographic explains how to assure your customer service is the very best.

Customers are your lifeblood; make them feel like it

Blogger Henry Brown writes about the importance of building a good customer experience and gives tips on how to do that.

Your marketing and sales: New and improved for 2014

Blogger Karen Utgoff offers ideas on how to polish up your small business marketing for the coming year.

How would your employees describe the culture of your small business?

Blogger Jeanne Yocum points out that even the smallest of companies have a culture that affects employees and customers. Small business owners need to pay attention to what type of culture they are fostering.

Systematic delightfulness: define and deliver a great customer experience

Blogger Karen Utgoff writes that just saying you want to provide outstanding customer service isn’t enough; you have to have systems in place to support that goal.

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