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How to create a better connection with your customers

Henry Brown suggests ways small business owners can create stronger relationships with their customers.

11 difficult customer types and how to handle them (Infographic)

This infographic identifies 11 types of difficult customers and offers ideas on how to turn them into loyal customers for your small business.

So someone is insulting your business online

Blogger Henry Brown advises small business owners on how to handle negative online customer comments.

4 ways to personalize your small business

Blogger Henry Brown suggests four ways to make your small business more personalized for customers.

Small business summer refresher: Get out of town, but stay in touch

Blogger Mark Auerbach reminds us of the things we need to do before taking a break from our small businesses this summer.

Small business owners: 5 ways to finish 2011 strong!

On Thursday, we’ll be down to just one month left in 2011. Here are five things you can do in December to build a better, stronger business and get in position for a great 2012.

Losing your customer focus: What you can learn from the Netflix fiasco

Here are three things small business owners can learn from the latest Netflix fiasco. Customer focus is everything; make sure you don’t lose it as Netflix clearly did.

Customer service: Response to a mistake determines whether you keep the customer

How you respond to mistakes in customer service determines whether that customer forgives the error and remains your customer or takes their business elsewhere.

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