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Working from home is a bigger challenge than you think!

Henry Brown writes about important things you need to consider before deciding to work for yourself from your home.

5 tips for entrepreneurs running a business from home

Guest poster Lisa Michaels offers advice on how to organize your home-based business for success.

Solopreneurs don’t get enough credit

Business blogger Henry Brown believes solopreneurs should get more recognition and credit, given the hard path they follow.

Entrepreneurship: Tips for creating happiness and freedom

Guest poster Jada Nemmers discusses two key questions you should consider before deciding to become your own boss.

Coworking space, not home office, is the future of small business

Guest blogger Zoe Clark writes about the many benefits of coworking space for small businesses and freelancers.

How to make working from home work for your small business

Guest poster Zoe Clark offers advice for how to maximize your productivity when running your small business from a home office.

Interview with entrepreneur Nellie Akalp on small business issues: Part 2

In part two of our interview with Nellie Akalp, entrepreneur and small business expert, she talks about setting up a home office, common mistakes small business owners make that can lead to legal troubles and also what she’s learned from being an entrepreneur.

Home-based businesses: Making effective use of small spaces

Guest poster Lee Newell presents tips on how to organize your home workspace for your small business.

Good small biz reads #12: Marketing and communication mistakes to avoid, advice for home office users, how to think like an innovator and more

Writing July’s compendium of valuable advice for small business owners that I’ve come across online was hard because of the wealth of good articles and videos I’ve found in the past month.

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