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7 easy ways to make your business more attractive to customers

Dixie Somers offers tips on how to increase the customer base of your small business.

Why phone calls are still important in the business world

Rebecca Stuart explains why phone calls are still important when you’re running a small business.

Is your customer service lacking? This can’t continue

Henry Brown suggests ways you can improve the customer service in your small business, which is a key element of success.

Time for a customer service refresh in your small business?

Michelle van Schouwen advises that it might be time for many small business owners to take a fresh look at customer service during a time when employees are stressed by the pandemic.

When your customer service isn’t serving your customers

Henry Brown writes about common customer service pitfalls and how to overcome them.

Make life easier for your customers and staff with online booking

Switching to online appointment booking is sure to please your customers/clients, writes blogger Jeanne Yocum. Making this switch will save your staff time, freeing them to focus on core business activities.

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