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What to consider during your first product launch

Lexie Lu discusses how to do a great launch for your new product.

Ensuring the most successful product launch possible

Henry Brown offers smart tips for how to assure your new product launch goes smoothly.

4 steps to take when expanding your small business’ product line

Emma Sturgis offers 4 ideas on how to make sure your new product launch goes well.

Before you launch: Imagine your product has failed. Conduct a pre-mortem.

Blogger and product launch expert Michelle Van Schouwen discusses the big benefits of doing a pre-mortem review of what can possibly go wrong before launching a new product or service.

The top 5 facts you need to know for your marketing launch

Getting the market launch of your new product or service right is critical to the success of your small business. Blogger Michelle van Schouwen, who has extensive experience in market launches, writes about 5 critical things to consider before your launch.

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