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Make your workplace more employee friendly

Guest poster Hannah Thomas offers ideas on how to create great working conditions for the employees of your small business.

Simple ways to design your small business office

Guest poster Carly Chandra offers tips on how to make your small business office design the best it can be.

How to create your perfect office space

You and your employees spend long hours in your office space; here are ways to make sure the design of it boosts productivity and comfort.

Things you need to do when starting your first office

Helen Bradford covers what you need to do to make sure your first office works well for your small business.

Appearance matters in all aspects of your small business

Blogger Henry Brown writes about all the aspects of your small business that must look professional to clients and customers.

Millennials cannot be managed, but they can be led

Guest poster Chloe Taylor points out what small business owners need to know about millennials to help them thrive in the workplace.

Storage ideas for small businesses

Poster Henry Brown recommend storage solutions that will make your small business office neater and more efficient.

3 tips to give your workplace a new lease on life

Guest blogger M. Zahid Rafiq talks about the benefits of providing an inviting workplace and provides tips on how to achieve this goal.

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