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Could your small business allow for flexible working?

Henry Brown writes about the wisdom of considering giving your small business employees flexible working opportunities.

Common problems that plague virtual businesses (& how to cope)

Henry Brown advises on how to overcome common problems that arise when you’re running a small business virtually.

Keeping a virtual eye on employees working remotely

Bruce Wahl gives advice on how to track the productivity of employees who are working from home or other remote locations.

Time zones: Doing business with employees & clients around the world

Blogger Henry Brown writes about the challenges of operating a small business across multiple time zones and suggests solutions.

Tips for getting optimum performance from the remote employees of your small business

Running a virtual company can be a great way to get your small business off the ground, writes blogger Jeanne Yocum, in an article in which she highlights tips on how to manage your virtual employees if you take this route.

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