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Why customer service always come first

Henry Brown suggests three ways to assure that your customers are always happy.

Understanding customer purchase behavior and using it to your advantage

Jasmine Williams discusses the purchasing process your customers will go through and why your marketing messages must match this process.

Disaster defense: Protecting your small business

Henry Brown discusses what you can do to reduce the potential for a disaster taking down your small business.

Think crisis prevention instead of crisis reaction to protect your small business

Small business blogger Jeanne Yocum advises that an ounce of crisis prevention can go a long way toward avoiding a crisis that will damage the reputation of your small business

A guide to protecting your small business

Henry Brown offers advice on how to protect three key areas of your small business.

Practice reputation management – don’t be the next business casualty

Michelle van Schouwen advises on how small businesses can avoid bad headlines like the ones United Airlines faced this week.

Learning from Goliath: Lessons for small business owners

Small business owners can learn key lessons of success and failure by observing the giants of the business world, writes blogger Michelle van Schouwen.

Pinpoint your small company’s vulnerabilities

Blogger Michelle van Schouwen points out some of the vulnerabilities of small businesses face. What are yours?

A dozen considerations to build and protect your small business’ reputation

As blogger Michelle van Schouwen notes, nothing is more important to the long-term success of your small business than having a good reputation. She provides 12 tips on how to make sure nothing tarnishes this reputation.

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