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Takeaways from a consummate sales professional

Michelle van Schouwen’s shares insights into relationship sales that she gained from a recent experience with a talented Realtor.

Your business model: Could less be more?

When was the last time you took a good look at your existing business? Would you be better off with a smaller, more focused operation?

Hiring etiquette: What message does your process send to job candidates?

As hiring picks up, companies, including small businesses, need to make sure their poor hiring etiquette is not damaging their reputations.

Good small biz reads #10: Find your point of difference, raising dough, and doing a good job with your business writing

As we launch into May, it’s time for another edition of good small biz reads, in which I share three of the best articles I’ve found in the past month to help guide small business owners along the path to success.

Tools for generating media coverage of your small business

Here’s a rundown on tools you can use to generate media coverage for your small business.

Community colleges: A resource for small business owners

Small business owners should find out what resources their local community college has to help them learn how to run a successful business.

The Self-Employment Survival Guide can help you succeed. Learn all about it here.

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