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What every entrepreneur needs to learn before starting a business

Meghan Belnap highlights four areas that start-up business owners should learn about before opening their doors.

Is an attorney essential when starting my business?

Alexander Hunkin offers five reasons you should have a lawyer from day one of your small business.

Be sure you have a realistic financial plan for your first year in business

Emma Miller explains why it’s crucial to have a sold financial plan for your first year in business.

Avoid these major pitfalls to secure your startup

Henry Brown writes about 3 common mistakes entrepreneurs make in the startup stage that can sink their businesses.

10 business ideas you’ve never thought of

Alex Willilams offers up 10 ideas to help you start brainstorming on what your new small business could be.

Business planning inspired by Francis Ford Coppola

Blogger Michelle van Schouwen points to the many ways in which having a theme for your business can help you better plan for success.

How resourceful startups can avoid the “number one cause of death”

Blogger and marketer Michelle van Schouwen gives tips on how your startup can avoid the number one reason that new companies fail.

Advantages of an e-commerce startup over the brick-and-mortar model

Guest blogger DonAmato explains three significant advantages of testing your start-up business online before venturing into a brick-and-mortar investment.

Good small business reads #17: Tax tips for self-employed newbies, breaking bad habits, and bridging the generation gap

I come across so many good reads for small businesses on the Internet each month that it’s hard to narrow it down to just the top few. But here are my choices for December. I hope you find them useful.

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