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Small business & social media: Do not be shy. Come on in; the water is fine!

Small business owners: Don’t be intimidated by social media. And most of all, don’t miss the power they have to help you build your small business.

Web site credibility: Are you promising something you can’t deliver?

Failure to back up your online promises can have a huge negative effect on your company’s reputation in an interconnected world where consumers can give bad reviews on numerous review sites or make negative comments on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Blog anniversary: Lessons learned from one year of blogging

Here are some lessons I’ve learned during my first year of blogging.

Good reads: Issue #4: Women and power, 12 client types and PR advice

This is volume 4 of articles I’ve found useful and wanted to share with my readers.

Good reads: Issue #3: Creative daydreaming and other thought-provoking ideas

The idle mind may be the devil’s workshop, but it is also the mother of invention, according to journalist and blogger Clive Thompson.

Good reads: Issue #2 – The power of social media

One thing I really like about Twitter is that I come across links to thought-provoking or helping business articles I would not have found otherwise.

Twitter: 5 things I wish I’d known when I started tweeting

Here are some things I’ve learned in the past year and a half that I wish I’d known when I started. I hope they help other newbies like my friend move up the Twitter learning curve faster than I did.

How not to talk to customers on Twitter

So here’s the business lesson in this: Please don’t put a neophyte in charge of your Twitter presence. Since only 70 people are following @fchp_tips, I have to guess that Fallon is very new at this game. But they’d better learn quickly. It takes training and a cool head to respond to unhappy campers like me.

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