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Finding the spark: Discovering or rediscovering the elements that make business ownership fun

Blogger Michelle van Schouwen writes about how to get the joy back in your small business after this long, horrible winter and the even longer recession and recovery.

Now what? Getting and staying unstuck in the face of constant change in your small business

Blogger Michelle van Schouwen gives advice on how to get unstuck in your small business and carve out time to generate and engender big ideas that will move the business forward.

Small business transformation: Four critical steps to success

The success of a client in transformation their business prompts blogger Jeanne Yocum to offer up four tips on how to successfully change the direction of your small business.

The Gold Rush of ‘48 reconsidered: Lessons for small business owners

Karen Utgoff writes about the lessons small business owners can take away from John Sutter’s unrealistic response when the Gold Rush of 1848 landed at his doorstep.

Profitability: How does your company stack up?

Here are factors to consider when examining the strengths and weaknesses that impact your company’s ability to generate profits.

The value of putting your vision in writing

Do you have a vision for your business? Or is that something you associate with big corporations, who talk on and one about their mission and vision in their annual reports and on their Web site? Well, small business owners and self-employed people can also benefit by creating a vision and putting it in writing.

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