The business cost of sleep deprivation (infographic)

Insomnia and other sleep problems can arise from stress at work.

When running a small business, it can feel necessary to take advantage of every minute of the day to maximize productivity. Sometimes this leads to employees and owners sacrificing sleep to get things done.

It turns out lost sleep can actually hurt productivity and profits. Companies lose an estimated $2,280 per employee each year due to sleep deprivation, according to Harvard University. Lack of sleep affects focus, mood, decision making and health. Work itself is the source of the problem for many. A study from Lexington Law found that one in three Americans say they lose sleep due to stress from their jobs.

Check out the infographic from Lexington Law below to learn more about the business cost of sleep deprivation and how to help reduce employee stress:


Business Cost of Sleep Deprivation Infographic

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