The click-to-call option: Why phone calls are back in vogue

We so often hear people say how ‘Everything is online these days,’ but remember many people still want to connect with businesses the old-fashioned way. This infographic from M2 On Hold takes you through how click-to-call can help your business. Make sure your business is set-up for it.
Click-to-call gives customers the opportunity to call your business in one click from online search results. There is also the option to add a click-to-call button to your website, so customers can call you in one click when they visit your website.
This essentially means that customers no longer have to look for your number online and type it out or note it on a bit of paper. People seem to love click-to-call with 61% of mobile users saying it is most valuable in the purchase phase. Fifty-one percent say they “always” or “frequently” need to call a business from a mobile search ad. Often they just want to quickly get an answer or talk to a real person. Find out more in the infographic.

An infographic by the team at M2 on Hold.

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