The many ways small businesses are using yard letters during COVID-19

By Bianca Baynum

One of the ways small businesses are standing out during the pandemic is stock yard letter messages. Even in difficult times, these yard signs suit every budget. They are some of the most affordable types of signage, with stock phrases costing even less. They are also a smart buy because they are for repeated use. The corrugated plastic material allows the letters to be setup indoors and outdoors without the sign or the print getting ruined.

Setting these letters up only requires a few minutes. Most sign companies offer stake hardware, which inserts into the ground to support each letter. The top of the stake has one or two points that stick through the bottom flutes of the sign material. If they are for inside use, simply tape them to a wall. When you finish using them, just place them safely in storage and bring them out when they need to be used again. Yard letters are for outdoor display over more than just a day and can hold up against the weather.

This makes them especially convenient for displaying positive messages and announcements during COVID-19.

Celebrating a birthday party

Does your small business hold parties and events? One of the most popular uses for yard messages is for advertising a party. In recent times, however, parties have been held in different ways using these signs.

Happy birthday yard signs are for promoting drive-by birthday parties. This is a new phenomenon where signs are displayed in front of homes and venues hosting a party. Cars drive by to drop off presents and to congratulate the honoree while properly social distancing.

These drive-by parties do not have to be held just for birthdays, they can also celebrate anniversaries, welcoming someone home, or announcing a new baby. For all these events, yard letters and symbols are used.

Announcing safety guidelines

If you need customers to know the safety policies you have before they come into your business, yard letters are a great way to notify them. Putting a sign on the door is not as noticeable as large letters displayed in a lawn that read “Please Wear a Mask”, “Outdoor Seating”, “We Do Takeout”, etc.

If you have guidelines specific to your business, like many restaurants, you can get custom made yard messages to promote your new policies. Many of the same sign companies that offer stock yard phrases also offer a custom option.

Promoting positive messages

Staying positive during such difficult times can be tough, but many companies are managing to do it. Placing positive message signs in front of your business creates a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Something as simple as “We Are Open” lets people driving and walking by know that they can still count on your business.

Many messages have been advertising their “hero” employees who continue to work during the pandemic. Signs can say “Heroes Work Here” or they can say “Our Hero” for a more personal touch. Not only does this show an encouraging message, but it is also a great way to build morale among your employees. They can also be more communal with such sayings as “Thank You First Responders.”

Promoting positive messages through your business helps create a sense of community and makes your establishment more approachable for customers.

Using these yard signs in various ways will keep your small business relevant and noticeable. These messages stand out from a crowd and are easily read from a car or a sidewalk. Stock messages can also be styled to suit your business, as many sign companies specializing in letters allow you to pick different colors and yard art to personalize the message.

Yard sign letters can increase brand awareness and advertise large and small businesses, even during the pandemic. These signs have increased in popularity over the past few months and will remain a recognizable form of advertising as time goes on.


Bianca Baynum is a junior online marketing specialist at She has a BA in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University.

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