The power of brand image for small B2B companies

Social media can play a big part in helping you build a strong B2B brand.

By Emma Miller

Small B2B companies have a difficult task in front of them – they need to build a brand image that will help them stand out from the sea of other rising companies and find their place in the sun. However, long past are the days when a brand was little more than an eye-catching logo. Nowadays, a company’s brand image is its identity. It represents a company’s personality, its values and way of conducting their business. If you’ve just entered the B2B field, you surely want customers and prospects to think of quality and trustworthiness whenever they hear your company’s name. Thus, it’s important that you develop strong brand-building strategies and start building a brand that will put you in the spotlight.

Advantages of building a powerful brand image

Apart from differentiating your company from competing B2B businesses, building a powerful brand image has more than a few advantages. First and foremost, you’ll gain the loyalty of your existing customers and reach out to a large number of potential B2B clients. You will establish an emotional connection with your clients, who will feel that you share the same values, resulting in brand loyalty.

A strong brand image will also lead to customer recognition and credibility and your company will be recognized as one of the leading B2B businesses. Your company will be familiar and reliable, which are some of the crucial factors that will attract new clients.

Having a strong and positive brand image will also affect consumer buying behavior and your customers will be willing to pay a premium for your products and services. In addition, introducing new products will be much easier because you’ll have a base of loyal customers who will be eager to see what you have to offer that is new.

Moreover, the stronger your brand image is, the more successful your company and products will seem. Consequently, this will lead to increased sales and revenues, which will enable you to continue improving and investing in your brand image and your company in general.

Effective ways to build a strong brand image

Building a strong brand image requires both time and effort, but with the right approach and well-developed brand-building strategies, the entire process can be much more effective. The key to building a brand successfully, which the leading B2B companies have recognized, lies in creating a single global brand instead of focusing your efforts on individual product brands. Here are several techniques that will put you on the road to success:

-Create a high-quality, informative corporate website

Websites are an important part of companies’ identities that help them establish an online presence. It’s one of the first things prospective clients will look for when considering doing business with you, and it can leave a lasting impression on them. Therefore, it’s important that your corporate website is comprehensive, up-to-date and eye-catching. Every single detail can have a major impact on your potential customers, including font type and size, visuals, colors, etc.

Your website should have a modern design that will represent the identity of your company. You can always seek help from a graphic design studio that can suggest appropriate and trendy means of improving your company’s brand image. Professional designers can help you develop your company’s logo, visuals, web design, online banners, etc.

-Use social media networks to engage clients

Social networks are one of the most important tools for business promotion and customer engagement, especially for small businesses. Using a social media platform will provide you with an opportunity to connect with your clients on a more personal level. The best approach is focusing on two or three platforms and keeping them up-to-date. You should post interesting and helpful content regularly, engage your clients, respond to their comments, etc. The background images you use on social networks should reflect your brand image and identity.

-Use client testimonials

Client testimonials are essential for building credibility and establishing trust with your customers. Testimonials from your satisfied clients will show that your company is reliable and trustworthy, which will leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Don’t hesitate to ask your satisfied clients to share their opinions and impressions. You can include them on your corporate website, guest posts, blog posts, etc. In addition, if you link them back to the clients’ websites, testimonials will be more credible.

Developing a strong brand image will help you gain customer loyalty, expand your client base and establish a global presence. By combining different brand-building strategies and investing in your image, you’ll become one of the leaders in the field.


Emma Miller is a marketer and a writer from Sydney. Her focus are digital marketing, social media, start-ups and latest trends. She’s a contributor at Bizzmark blog and a mother of two. Twitter.

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  1. run 3 says:

    Absolutely agree. The day we see Procurement Directors procuring Skodas for themselves instead of BMWs and Mercedes is the day you can convince me that premium branding has no place in B2B decision making.

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