The work perks empoyees care about in 2019

By Sam Casteris

When it comes down to the bottom line, your numbers will flourish when your employees do. They work hard every day to improve your brand image while providing your customers with the highest level of satisfaction.

There’s no better way to guarantee outstanding employee work ethic than having outstanding employee benefits. Show them how much you appreciate their hard work by rewarding them. After all, they are the voice of your company. They speak to your customers as well as to your potential new hires. Make your company a place people want to work, a place they want to tell their friends about.

If you need help with employee satisfaction, continue reading to learn more about the work perks employees love.

Think outside the box

If you want to stay relevant in today’s millennial and Gen-Z hiring environment, you need to have good perks. You can keep the perks simple, but you need to show you care for your employees. It’s up to you to show them you know they dedicate a large portion of their life to your business.

Whether you offer your employees a catered lunch every Friday, organize fun team outings, travel discounts, or a company car, your crew will certainly appreciate it. This is also a great chance to talk to your team and find out what they might want as perks—try making an anonymous “perk suggestion” box and taking stock of what the team is hoping for.

Secure their information

Keep their hard-earned money in their pockets.

Identity theft is a growing concern as we grow with technology. After all, in our modern society, we have become increasingly comfortable with our data being entered into a computer without a second thought. A seasoned hacker can easily access this information if they want it— and wreak havoc on the lives of whoever’s information they can get.

In recent years, many companies have begun offering their staff identity theft protection as a benefit. This is a tax-deductible expense for businesses to offer their employees, and it provides an incredibly useful service. It will help both you and your team rest easily knowing that their money and identity remains theirs, and theirs alone.

Great healthcare is key

When it comes to healthcare, you will have a hard time keeping good employees if your organization’s policy is weak. Why should they work as hard as they do if they don’t receive good benefits?

When searching for potential employers, many qualified job applicants gravitate towards companies that offer comprehensive health insurance packages that include more than just the basics. Dental insurance and vision coverage, for example, are necessities for many. By offering a health care package that offers these additional aspects to your employees, you are bound to have a happy team.

Four-day work weeks are here

A recent study by a New Zealand firm has found that four-day work weeks, in which employees worked 10 hours a day four days a week, increased happiness and productivity levels by 20%. This comes as no surprise when you consider how much you can accomplish with a three-day weekend.

Also, many businesses close at 5 or 6 pm, which makes it difficult to run errands during the week. A four-day work week model allows employees the freedom and flexibility to live the life they want while providing your business exactly what it needs. They will go home knowing their boss cares about their free time and will push harder to keep their work/life balance the same.

When it comes to work perks, employees of the new era are looking for the best. A high-paying job is great, but a high-paying job with dog days is better. Consider this when you want to hire the best talent in your field; you can be sure your competition is.


Sam Casteris is an aspiring travel and personal finance writer in Phoenix, AZ. You can find more of her work on Content with Casteris.


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