These are the 4 things that slow down most SMBs

To land on Success Street instead of Failure Lane, follow this advice about four important issues that can slow or even demolish your small business success.

By Nate Vickery

In the modern business world, it’s very important for companies to develop and grow properly so they can compete with others on the crowded market. However, there’s no secret recipe that will guarantee fast progress and business success. Many small and mid-sized businesses tend to experiment with different strategies to gain an advantage on the market. That approach doesn’t always work in their favor.

In such cases, business progress is gradually slowed down, which can lead to potential problems and at times, even business failure. That’s why it’s important to strategize properly and develop a good plan that will elevate your business on the market, as well as give it a much-needed boost towards success. Risking with untested strategies may occasionally turn out to be a profitable decision, but it’s better not to place the future of your business at stake. Here are a few things that slow down many SMBs.

Neglecting market research

Market research is an essential step for every startup business that’s about to enter the market. However, just because you’ve already developed your small business up to a certain point, it doesn’t mean you can then neglect research altogether. The digital world is a dynamic environment. The market and the consumer habits are constantly undergoing changes. New trends come and go, customer behavior changes overnight, competitors devise new strategies and so on.

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Lack of strong online presence

Operating in the online world for small businesses means that you simply must have a strong presence there. If your target audience can’t find you easily or research your business properly, they’ll simply move on to the next business that’s more available to them. Without a good presence, another business will draw away your customers and your company will be slowed down greatly.

As an example, Hong Kong is a particularly crowded market. Without a strong online presence, your customers will turn towards your main competitors. In that case, you could focus on search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your presence and consult with an SEO company from Hong Kong to help you out. The stronger your online presence is, the more accessible and visible your business is to your customers.

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Social media platforms are ideally suited for all kinds of businesses. The main reason is that they allow you to directly promote your SMB to your target audience. Not only that, but you’re in contact with your customers at all times, allowing you to establish more personal relations with them. You can grow your social following through distribution of highly relevant and top-quality content. Your followers can then easily be turned into leads and eventually into engaged and loyal customers.

However, once you start engaging with your target audience on social media, it’s important to remain consistent in doing so. You must also ensure that you address customer feedback and complaints accordingly. Neglecting your followers may hurt your reputation online, which can have negative consequences on your business.

Inefficient marketing

Marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost your sales and help improve your small business as a whole. Your marketing campaigns must be captivating and appealing enough to encourage customers to take the desired action. If you don’t focus enough on developing and designing your marketing campaigns, your efforts won’t be efficient enough to help your business grow properly. In other words, simply having a marketing campaign isn’t enough to make it efficient at driving your business goals.

You must ensure that your marketing campaigns are distributed across various channels where your audience is present, as well as that it’s creative and innovative enough to truly capture their interest. For example, email marketing, social media, content marketing, SEO are just a few aspects of a good marketing campaign. Failing to invest enough in your marketing will result in slowing down of your business in more ways than one.

Many factors can slow a small business down. In most cases, business owners tend to follow their instincts when developing their company instead of backing their decisions with evidence and good data. Although your instincts may prove to be correct in some cases, it’s always better to make strategic decisions and avoid slowing your business down.


Nate Vickery is a marketing consultant and author mostly engaged in researching the latest marketing technology trends and practices applicable to startups and SMBs. He is also the editor at Bizzmark Blog and an author on The Next Web.

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