Think ahead: 5 ways to keep your office space safe

By Emma Sturgis

Security is one of the critical issues we must consider when setting up an office. Businesses of all sizes, from single floors to entire properties, should be made secure to protect the assets in the building. Offices contain several valuable items such as cash, tech gadgets and legal documents. Putting in place a security policy protects the things in the building against theft, and also reduces the cost of insurance. Safety and security is also crucial for being a responsible employer and keeping your employees safe at work. Check these guidelines to ensure that your office is secure.

Use efficient lighting

Considering that over sixty percent of theft cases take place at night or in the evening, sufficient security lighting is essential. Install adequate lighting around your premises because it makes the thieves feel observed and afraid to steal because they fear that someone might be watching them. Good lighting also helps the occupants to see strangers who approach the building and raise the alarm when necessary. Ensure that the light highlights the high-risk sections of the building. Video cameras at access points also present another line of defense. These produce better results when you have sufficient lighting.

Ensure locks meet the relevant standards

Although locks are the most straight forward way of preventing burglars from accessing your property, it is vital to ensure that they conform to the applicable rules. If they don’t, they have no use being there. You may also want to consider installing a keycard lock system for your employees to use during the day. This will keep anyone who isn’t an employee and is a potential threat out of your office building.

Use laptop locks

PCs are a frequent target during burglaries, especially to opportunists who had no plan of stealing but will do so when an opportunity presents itself. When you use a laptop lock, you increase security and make your computer harder to access. A laptop lock works like a bike lock. It has one end attached to a hole at the end of your PC while the other is linked to a non-moveable object. Since they are pretty cost effective, you should consider purchasing one for every laptop.

Install an alarm system

An alarm is one of the best defenses that a business can install against theft. It deters burglars from proceeding with their malicious intention because the alarm will alert the relevant persons about the incident. It also makes a sound that warns the neighbors and security personnel about the invasion.

Have frequent inspections

For the safety of your office building and employees, consider hiring an inspector to ensure everything is up to standards. Refrigeration vessel inspections will help you see if your boiler, gas tank, and air conditioning is in working and safe condition. These are things that are often overlooked, but can become a hazard if gone too long without proper maintenance.

Taking the necessary security measures should be at the top of your business priorities. Besides, you don’t want to come to an empty workspace simply because you did not pay attention to security. Consider implementing these tips for a safer office.


Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer based out of Boston, MA. She writes most often on health and education. When not writing, she enjoys reading and watching film noir. Say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2.

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