Tips for overcoming imposter syndrome for entrepreneurs

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By Rosana Beechum

Running a company isn’t an easy task. There will be many tests during your illustrious career, and there may be times where you experience imposter syndrome. This is the belief that you’re undeserving of success and cannot deliver on the tasks at hand.

Like others, you may also believe that a long time spent in lockdown has eroded your sense of self-belief somewhat as well. Still, trying to overcome these hurdles is vital for business success. There’s no room for even the smallest measure of self-doubt, so charging ahead full steam is imperative.

It’s human to experience the odd knock to your confidence here and there. However, you should have measures in place that stop it from becoming debilitating. You’ll find some ideas to help you in this down below.

Knowledge is profit

Imposter syndrome can be experienced even at the very early stages of running a business. You may be poking holes in your ideas before they’re even off the ground.

Instead of anxiously fretting over potential shortcomings, focus on what you know. Look at the opportunities available at Sell What You Know to see what your expertise is truly worth. Under their guidance, you can start a successful online coaching business. Impart your wisdom, experience a confidence boost, and make a tidy profit all in one go.

It’s important to realise that no matter your niche, there’s always someone willing to learn about it. The right resources can put you in touch with those crowds instantly, getting you started in a few short days. A business that helps others tap into their potential can also be highly fulfilling also.

Embrace failure

Failure doesn’t always need to be a world-shattering calamity. Instead, it can be something you consume as readily as your breakfast.

Of course, you should never actively seek out failure. Instead, you should try to be patient should any setbacks occur, as one day things may get better for you and your company. Try not to descend into panic, and accept that tough decisions are occasionally part of your responsibilities as an entrepreneur.

Every day of being in business is a blessing too. Your imposter syndrome may fade once you realise all the achievements that have brought you to this moment. Firms don’t just formulate out of nowhere, and many of your failures simply open up new paths to success. Stay positive and humble as your career develops.

Perform company maintenance regularly

Imposter syndrome can often be a result of anxious thoughts. Negative ifs, buts, and maybes will only lead you into a downward spiral outside of a planning context.

Regular maintenance processes may dispel many of your fears. These can include:

– Budgeting and auditing your company.

– Reviewing compliance needs and any changes to laws in your industry.

– Monitoring health and safety standards.

– Ensuring staff are looked after, paid equally, and happy in their roles.

– Maintaining cybersecurity technologies for enhanced data protection.

Always try to counter your fears with facts. Once you can see that truth is in your favour, feelings of imposter syndrome may begin to dissipate. Ask for feedback from your employees, too; their answers will either give you confidence or establish your reputation as an open business leader who’s willing to improve things.


Rosana Beechum is a business and marketing undergraduate from Nottingham Trent University in the UK; she is attempting to share her knowledge through writing articles for small business owners.

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