Tips for small business owners opening a second location

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By Sheryl Wright

Running a successful small business will make you feel like opening new locations to expand your customer base. However, even if you feel like opening a second location is the best thing to do, there are things you should consider. We have compiled a list of things you are supposed to keep in mind.

Come up with a business plan

If you are going to launch a new location as a way of expanding your business, you are supposed to use a well-formulated plan. There two formats in which a business plan can be created; you can create a traditional plan or a lean plan.

In both formats, you will clearly outline the goals and objectives of your business, especially regarding the next location. Note that your business plan, if carefully and professionally designed, will attract potential investors.

There are free online resources that you can use to write a good plan for your business.

Is there an online alternative?

Today, as a business, you have all the reasons to shift and operate your business online. It gives you the chance to attract as many customers as possible and gain a solid market presence. Also, with an online store, you can easily expand your business without breaking the budget.

Most of the time, opening a second location will come with a lot of financial burdens that might limit your business operations. You will pay rent, take care of utilities, clean the area, and even redesign and renovate the new space. All of these expenses may make increasing your online presence and using e-commerce more affordable than opening a new location.

Evaluate the market

Maybe you have been serving a certain segment of the market, and you want to expand your business dealings. You should not make blind moves. Be sure to conduct a rigorous market evaluation to understand how things work in the next location.

Based on the nature of your business, you want to find out if there is enough room. If there isn’t enough space, you might want to pick another area. Also, get to learn what the customers in that location are highly likely to ask for.

Understanding your customers better makes it possible to give them the best experience.

Estimate your stock needs

You will learn that you will different inventories in the next location. If a customer comes to your next location and asks for an item that you don’t have, they will find it from your competitor. Thus, avoid making blind moves and only open the next location after understanding the market.

Make sure to know where you can get the items that your business will be selling. If you know the inventory requirements, it becomes easier to come up with a budget based on the level of demand in the next location. To save money, you might want to opt for Brooklyn commercial roofing; they have some of the best rates.

Evaluate the competition

You should know the nature of the competition waiting for you on the other end. Note that the level of competition will determine how your employ your objectives to achieve most of your business goals.

Now that you are opening a second location, you are going to meet some traders with the same mind. Some investors might also start the same business if they see you doing well, so be prepared.

Closing thoughts

According to experts, just because the first location is doing well doesn’t mean the second one well. To maximize the opportunities as they come, be sure to make calculated moves. If you have spotted a location that might yield great returns, use the tips below to make the best decisions moving forward.


Sheryl Wright is a freelance writer who specializes in digital marketing, inclusive business, and interior design. If she is not at home reading, she is at a farmers market or climbing in the Rockies. She currently lives in Nashville, TN, with her cat, Saturn.

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