Top digital platforms for effective marketing

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By Tony Hooton

We do live in a digital world, in case you hadn’t noticed, and business owners are constantly looking for digital platforms to place their ads, as they strive to reach their sales targets. Some businesses hire digital marketing agencies to handle all of their online marketing and with that in mind, here are some of the top performing digital platforms that businesses use for advertising.


Top developers use ReactJS to build complex websites and this cutting-edge application has all the solutions for modern web platforms. Find a leading ReactJS developer and let them understand your digital concept and together, you can build the ultimate website that will be a work in progress. Using a web developer with hands-on experience and an impressive client list ensures that your digital portal is slick and secure.

Social media platforms

Whether Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, social media sites are very effective marketing platforms that many businesses use. Facebook has a huge marketing department that are dedicated to helping their sponsors get maximum exposure and whether you use an agency or manage campaigns yourself, your ads can reach many thousands of social media users.


Pay per click advertising is a very popular way to advertise and as the name suggests, the advertiser pays the publisher a fixed amount every time a user clicks on the ad. Of course, you can choose what type of content your ads are placed within and there are many variables to target specific audience groups. This is a very effective way to get your message to the right people, which is why many businesses use YouTube as a platform for advertising. Here’s a blog about preventative maintenance for small businesses, which is worth a read.


Google’s search engine is another popular platform for advertising, with Google Ads that allow you to place your ads on the first page of search results. Google has long been the number one search engine and search engine optimisation is one way to drive organic traffic to your website; indeed, every business should commission ongoing SEO as a matter of course.

Mobile apps

The latest addition to the digital platform train is the mobile app; Android and iOS platforms are secure and responsive, giving you a direct digital connection with your customer base. Mobile app development is the fastest growing tech sector, with front and back-end developers writing awesome code to build responsive and engaging digital platforms. There’s so much you can do with a custom-built app; deliver rich promotional content, set up a tech support section, provide employees with essential data and even set up payment gateways.

Cyber security

All digital platforms are at risk of cyber-attack; whether a website or a mobile app, you need top-rated professional cyber-security to ensure your data cannot be hacked. There are many ways a cyber-criminal can steal your data and ransomware is one example; the hacker locks your critical data, then you have to send money via Bitcoin to get the release key. Click here to report a cyber-crime in Australia. More than half of cyber-attacks are minor and not reported; a few hundred dollars to get your data back is a minor thing for a business owner.


Tony Hooton lives and breathes SEO & Digital Marketing. Tony is always striving to find new ways to develop digital strategies and has keen interests in multiple industries and loves to create great content for readers across the globe.


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