Using video in email marketing (infographic)

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By Tom Hopkins

Video continues to be a leader in the content stakes with 85% of businesses using this powerful marketing tool in 2020. In fact the draw of video is reflected in user behaviour as well, with the average person watching 84 minutes of video each day in 2020 as well as 92% of mobile video consumers sharing videos with others. The global heft of video is also seen in social media platforms and in web traffic figures. In terms of both audience and business marketing, the video giant YouTube is inarguably significant as it’s in second place for global users in the following categories: social media platform, search engine, and trafficked website.

For small businesses, whether you have dabbled in video already or are just getting started, there’s myriad ways to enhance or revise your marketing strategies especially when it comes to customer emails. The benefits of video are obviously sizeable. When you combine them with email outreach, you are multiplying your success rate without needing to invest huge amounts of budget or time. Even a simple video embed of high level third party content or a clear explainer shot on a mobile phone can create serious return on investment. If you are still not convinced, Implix actually reports, “An introductory email that includes a video receives an increase click-through rate by 96 percent.”

If you’re a small business owner or even a bootstrapped start-up, One Productions developed this infographic Video In Email Marketing so that you can easily get started with different types of engaging content. With helpful tips and key statistics, the graphic is designed to be a practical guide for diversifying marketing while connecting meaningfully with customers or even internal and external stakeholders. Before you know it, you will be introducing the value add of video in your e-mailout for inspiring communications that create a compelling call to action for customers.

Tom Hopkins is the managing director of  One Productions – a video production company based in Dublin, Ireland.


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