Want to shake up your small business? Try one of these ideas

If there’s been no excitement in your small business lately, you may want to shake things up with one of these ideas.

By Henry Brown

Are you bored with your small business right now? As extreme as that may sound, sometimes you can find yourself going through the same motions day after day, and things can feel a little stale. And guess what? When YOU feel as if things are a little bit stagnant, your customers may too! You may also have noticed your sales are down, or your customers aren’t all that interested in what you’re doing either. That can lead to a problem. So you definitely need to think about doing something about it. But not only to save your business – to save your mind and sanity too! Because sometimes just being a bit more lighthearted with your approach to business can really work! But how do you do that when you’re stuck in a rut?

If you feel as if you’re just going through the motions, then making even the smallest of changes can’t hurt, can it? In fact, it will probably be the breath of fresh air your small business needs. If you are aware that this needs doing, but you’re worried about failing or you just have no idea of what to do differently, let’s take a look at what might work for you.

Get a mentor

First of all, a really great option that has helped a lot of people is getting a mentor. Do you feel as if you need direction? Or just a bit of encouragement? Or maybe you need to be held accountable to really get things done? Getting a mentor can help with all three. You may even find that this helps you to overcome imposter syndrome and just get to work on the tasks you need to do. If you’re worried about failing or not being good enough, having a mentor to support you can really help you to grow.

[amazon_link asins=’0996767509′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’succeedingi0d-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1a7e9d3a-bff8-11e8-a6c6-9faefe5bd6fc’]Host an online event

When you want a new marketing idea to go with, why not plan an online event? Maybe you want to host a summit or a meetup, but all of your business activity is online? Then why not host the event online too? You could engage with your audience, get everyone in one place, and promote a product or just give back to help shake things up a little.

Create an app

If you have a website and a blog and social channels, you may be wondering what more you can do. As mobile continues to grow, and more and more people want to access content via their devices, creating an app could be your next move. And if you’re wondering, how much does it cost to create an app, then find out. Call a developer or meet with an expert and see if this is something you could do.

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Why not think about launching a content series? Maybe you need something exciting to focus on to shake things up? Try to uncover what information or what topics your audience wants and needs, and go from there.

Launch a new line

Or maybe the next move for you is all about introducing a new line? Maybe you’re at the point where a new product could shake things up? Or even a new service that complements your products is exactly what you need to move forward successfully.

Do a collaboration

Sometimes, you need to really push your awareness. And the excitement factor will do that for you. To get your audience excited, it’s always a great idea to collaborate with another brand or an influencer that they love too. This collaboration can be great for publicity, it can allow you to access a wider audience, and it’s just a fun and different way to shake up your marketing.

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And if you want to do something really big, and you want to shake things up in a really exciting way, why not do a complete rebrand? If you’re really itching to make a change, this could be the change that you need. Maybe deep down you know your business isn’t doing as well as it could be. And maybe you’re sick of what you see every day. Then hiring a branding expert or a design expert to come up with a more exciting aesthetic and personality for your brand could be exactly what you need.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.


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