Website features that will boost your business

Adding a podcast can add new life to your small business website.

By Henry Brown

Your website is your #1 marketing tool. Provided you have put the time and effort into creating something that looks and feels good, you should notice a higher conversion rate of visitors into paying customers. Aside from your website design, a number of features can be added to your site to enhance the experience for your visitors, and give your business a boost as well. Consider the following as examples.

Website Feature #1: Integrated social media

Using the options provided by your website builder, unite your brand with social media, giving your customers the opportunity to spread word about your business across their various social media networks. Whether it’s a blog post you have written or a specific product on sale, your customers can easily share it if you have incorporated the various social media buttons available to your site.

Website Feature #2: A live chat option

Your customers need to talk with you. They may have a specific question about an item for sale, or they may need assistance for any number of other reasons. Not everybody likes to use the phone, and email communication can result in a delay if not checked regularly. A live chat option on the other hand may be just what your website needs. It’s a quick and efficient way to meet your customer’s needs, and you won’t risk the chance of your site visitor ditching your site to visit your nearest competitor.

Website Feature #3: Visitor tracking

Your site probably receives many visitors a day, but unless they make a purchase or follow one of your call-to-action buttons, they will remain anonymous. Unless, of course, you use an integrated email and visitor tracking tool. This handy feature will give you and your sales team an insight into who those visitors were, and where they came from. You will generate more leads this way, as you will be able to track down those people and businesses who probably had a reason for checking out your website in the first place.

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A website is often composed of pictures and text. Now, there is nothing wrong with this, but there are other ways you can communicate your business to your site visitor. The use of video is one, perhaps with an online introduction from yourself or maybe a tutorial in how to use your product. Another popular media option is a podcast. Provided you have something interesting to say, your podcast message can engage and educate your reader. Hint: you can also replicate your website’s text (such as your blog) through a video or podcast; useful for those who can’t be bothered reading what you have to say.

Website Feature #5: A testimonial page

Your customers hopefully love your product or service, but those who haven’t used your business before may need some coaxing before they buy. Therefore, getting your customers to share positive comments about your business is a good one. Consider incorporating reviews onto your website as well, positively swaying those who are still undecided about buying from you. Hint: use honest reviews and testimonials, as your visitors will see right through your deception if you make things up yourself.

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These are just some of the features we think your website needs. You should see an uptick in profits if you include them. Let us know your opinions, and tell us what features have made a difference to your website.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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