What should your company donate when considering corporate donation opportunities?

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By Anica Oaks

Done correctly, corporate donations can have a positive impact on both the company doing the donating and the entity receiving the donation. An important piece to the puzzle of donations is deciding what your company will donate. After all, you want to be sure that whatever you donate is actually helpful to the receiving entity while making sure to paint your company in a positive light. Here are a few donation ideas for corporate donations, big and small.


Sometimes, empowering your employees to give their time can make the biggest impact on the recipient of your generosity. Even if you and your employees only have an hour to give, the sum total of your collective contributions can make a massive impact that will be felt for a long time to come. The best part of volunteering is that it helps to build lasting friendships that can reap further benefits in the future. Many companies choose to provide paid time for employees that choose to volunteer their time. This would not only further encourage your employees to donate their time, but also shine a light on what your company is willing to do to help the community.


In many cases, donating some of your company’s profits is the best way to take advantage of various corporate donation opportunities. Individuals and organizations need capital to help fund their operations so that they can continue their life-changing work. In many cases, a monetary donation can have reciprocal benefits because your company might receive free advertising in the form of a plaque or banner placed at the location of the charitable organization. When considering donating money, take care to consider the impact that your donation will make instead of focusing on advertising the fact that your company is donating.


If your company makes tangible products, then it might make sense to donate some of those assets to the organization in need. This helps to fill a need quickly since the tangible products will immediately be in the hands of those who need them. Even if you don’t make tangible products, you may be able to donate other physical assets, such as furniture, fixtures, or intellectual property.


If the organization you’re helping lacks adequate facilities to do what they need to do, your company may be able to help. By donating the use of your facilities or equipment, you can help improve the efficiency of the charitable organization and ensure they reach as many people as possible. If you have a portion of your facility that sits unused, this can be a great way to maximize the efficiency of the space and help a good cause in the process.

Proper Reporting Essential

However you choose to help, it’s important that you properly report it at the end of the year. Unreported donations could cause your financial information to be incorrect, leading to problems down the road. With everything reported correctly, though, corporate donations offer a great opportunity that shouldn’t be ignored.


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