What your logo style says about your business

By Reggie Moore

Any type of business logo is an important investment. Regardless of whether it’s a small business or a large company, a logo is one of the first things a customer or client notices. A logo becomes the face of your business and a reflection of its personality, ethos, and customer base. Depending on the type of business, a logo design can pique curiosity or deter future business.

A logo is the representation of a brand. Corporations, including fast food restaurants, hotels, software companies, and bookstores, can all profit from a well-crafted design. When deciding the best logo design, the company should evaluate its goals, its professional image, and whose business it is trying to attract.

Who you are

A logo can subconsciously signal the kind of personality a brand has. Businesses that focus on organization or aesthetic may do well with logos that have thin, clean, lines. Designs that look simple, but elegant, can be a good indication of a company’s attention to detail and give off a comfortable, accessible feel. Logos that incorporate a lot of script can appear fancy and distinguished. Fonts that appear artsy, grungy, or complex can seem edgy, hip, young, and fresh. Designs that have no frills and basic, easy-to-read fonts can appear professional, exact, and down-to-business. Your logo is about giving the viewer a snapshot of your business ethos. Consider it carefully.

Your accessibility

Some logos stand apart from others in their distinct design. These are easily recognizable and can be identified quickly and easily. Understanding what a logo represents can provide instant access to brand knowledge. Easily recognizable logos usually use distinct color patterns or simple shapes that can be seen from a distance. Think of the Motel 6 logo, McDonald’s, and Apple.

Your status

Some logos can attract a specific clientele. Pictorial logos that rely on the simple construct of one image can replicate this. Since this type of logo is not a word, it can be used as more of a sign than a name. The association that comes with an image can be used in multiple forms.

Your goals

Color plays a significant role when deciding on a successful business logo. Certain colors can signify the temperament of a business as well as the priorities surrounding them. Red is often associated with power and can be used for car businesses or fitness centers. Purple often shows a sense of creativity and abstract thinking for complex solutions. Green is frequently associated with finance companies.

Your behavior

Shapes can subconsciously deliver the type of behavior a business can offer. Since a logo is usually small in size, the shape and design of each line matters. A square can signal structure and reliability. Circles often represent businesses that emphasize compassion and community. Symmetry is frequently shown for businesses that prioritize balance and organization.

The placement of a logo is crucial when advertising. Just as it’s important to have a clear logo that can be easily read, with sign letters oriented to your audience. It’s also important to use the proper size for its medium. Using a clearly visible sign for storefronts can be extremely helpful in brand recognition, and it acts as your most important 24/7 self-advertising space.

The right logo can speak volumes in a matter of seconds. Behind every detail is a reason that is based around the psychology of marketing and human behavior. To best understand how to create the perfect logo, the business and its clientele must be thoroughly analyzed.


Reggie Moore is a professional writer and proto-entrepreneur. When not trying to tinker with a new thing, process, or idea, Reggie can usually be found saying the words “Well, actually…” to an unsuspecting bystander.


  1. Jack says:

    A logo is the first impression of your brand. This is the first thing people notice about your brand and create their perceptions. Your logo should represent your service and give the user an idea about who you are and what you do!

  2. David W. says:

    Great tips! Try to get people to engaged with your custom logo design.

  3. You’re awesome! Just found your Blog – very helpful!

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