Why excellent customer service is an integral part of your small business success

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By Henry Brown

Every business has its strong- and weak points. Each company also has a different area they choose to focus on, whether it be marketing, technology, or sales. But, one thing that every business ought to have as one of their top priorities is excellent customer service – after all, without satisfied clients, your business may as well close up shop right now. That said, here are some tips on how you can improve your company’s customer service.


First, technology is critical. If you provide professional customer service via email and have a live chat feature on your website, this technology can be of particular importance to your company’s success. It’s no longer just about what happens in person or over the phone, but also how well you handle customers that reach out via other sources.

You can even consider equipping your employees with up-to-date equipment to ensure they have everything they need in order to deliver the best customer service possible. From the coil cord to the headphones and even the software they’re operating on; it all makes a massive difference in the end!


Training for all staff members is necessary if they’re going to really excel at providing great customer service. When training them, emphasize being friendly and courteous as two pieces of their job requirements with which those working for your company should not skip past without thought or carelessness. This is especially important when dealing with upset clients who may be more than willing to give negative feedback about anything but these qualities from your staff.

Adequate systems

Finally, systems are essential to a company’s success when it comes to customer service – but what exactly does that mean? Well, you could start by establishing an organizational system for how often your reps will be on the phone or at their desk (for example, one day they may work from 11 am – 11 pm; another they might start at noon and finish up by six). These shifts give them room for downtime after work is done, as well as plenty of opportunities to get enough sleep before heading back into the office or picking up the phones again.

So, those are three pieces of advice on how you can improve your company’s customer service and what it means in terms of success when you do. It’s also important to remember that each individual client is different, so keep an open mind about their feedback (even if they’re upset or have something negative to say). After all, each person has their own story and reason behind why they’re contacting your company in particular at that given time. So listen carefully and don’t be dismissive just because someone isn’t happy.

Finally, always remember that your job is to take care of the customer – not just in terms of providing this one-time service, but as a whole. So it’s important to remember that you’re not done after the initial customer service transaction – think about how this experience will affect them in the future.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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