Why investing in employee education benefits your small business

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By Henry Brown

You’d think that it was obvious that the more educated your employees are, the more qualifications they have, the more beneficial it would be for your business. However, so many businesses, large and small, are simply not willing to invest in the continuing education of their employees. This is a mistake.

Investing in employee education benefits your business in so many ways, that it would be foolish not to at least consider doing so. Not convinced? Check out thede very real benefits of employee education:

Boost performance

It’s obvious, but the more your employees know about your sector, the better they will be able to perform within it, and the more effective your business will be against the competition.

Boost employee satisfaction

If you run a small business, you want your employees to be as satisfied as possible. Why? Well. for one thing, hiring employees is expensive, so the longer you can hold on to them the better, and for another, satisfied employees are more productive than employees who hate their job.

Often, having a goal to work towards and the ability to better oneself is a huge source of satisfaction, so it stands to reason that letting your employees learn more about becomeing an OT, and helping them to fund doing so, so that they can move up a notch in your medical business, or how they can gain an accountancy qualification subsidized by you, so they can go from basic admin staff to someone on a higher salary with a more fulfilling job, is a really good idea.

Eliminate weaknesses

Most businesses have one or two weaknesses – areas that they are to as strong in as they could or should be – and by offering training in those areas to their employees, they can quickly eliminate their weaknesses and build a stronger company that will not only be able to compete with, but also beat, the competition. Upskilling your workforce bolsters performance and protects your business from potential risks from things such as customer lawsuits. For example, if your company deals in any way with healthcare data or information, you must assure that employees receive HIPAA compliance training so they know how to protect such key information and avoid violating this important privacy protection law.

Similarly, if you’re running a medical business that receives payments from Medicare, it is important you enable an employee to obtain medicare credentialing so that you are doing everything possible to assure prompt payment of your invoices. This will inevitably be a big help in solving any cash flow problems, making your life much simpler.

Attract the best employees

If you want your business to be the best, you need your employees to be the best, and this starts with the hiring process. Good employees can afford to be choosy, so it pays to do everything you can to attract them, and one thing that will certainly interest the majority is the ability to undergo further training and rise up the ranks with your company. Most people don’t want to be stuck where they are, so you need to make it clear to them that, if they work with you, they won’t be.

Future-proof your business

What your employees learned last year or even yesterday may not be applicable to your business tomorrow. Things are changing so fast thanks to technology that knowledge and skills quickly become obsolete, and if you don’t keep up to date with the changes, your company will soon become irrelevant. Don’t let that happen and invest in employee education now and in the future.

As you can see, investing in employee education really is the smart choice.


Henry Brown is an online marketing executive. When he isn’t talking shop, he’s roaming the streets of London, uncovering the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

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