Why is parking important for your business?

By Steph King

Thinking of relocating? Perhaps it’s the modern glass frontage of a nearby block that’s caught your attention, or maybe you want to be closer to the main roads. If there’s one thing you should always make space for, it’s parking for your customers and staff.

Before you commit to a decision, it’s imperative to explore the parking options available – read on to find out why.

Improve your customer experience

Offering customer parking means you’ll simplify the stages of each individual customer journey, saving time and inconvenience.

No one wants to spend a lifetime looking for a parking space before heading into a store, and with drivers in the UK already spending on average of 44 hours a year searching for parking, your prospective customers don’t deserve to have their time wasted.

Increase customer confidence

With increased convenience and an element of familiarity added to the customer journey, you’ll be bound to gain more customer loyalty. This could pave the way to generating more repeat sales and therefore improving the profitability of your company.

With loyalty comes confidence: you can make extra steps to help your customers feel secure about leaving their pride and joy on your premises. Installing safety barriers or speed bumps could reduce the speed of vehicles in pedestrianised areas surrounding your premises.

A competitive advantage

If you offer customer parking and your neighbouring competitor doesn’t, you’ll be more likely to gain the footfall over the less convenient option.

Why not catch onto the surging popularity of electric vehicles and offer charging points for customers with electric cars? Providing such a modern feature in your customer car park could be an incentive for a wider range of clientele to check out your business.

Convenient for your staff

If you’re not in the most central location, it’s likely that some of your staff will commute by car. If you want to expect maximum attendance, you can help facilitate it by making their daily grind a bit more convenient.

The knock-on effects of simplifying getting to work for your staff could lead to improved performance and more productivity!

Improved reputation

The appearance of your business premises will help to build its overall reputation, since competitors will naturally judge its location, size, and facilities. Comprehensive parking will also improve the reputation held by your customers and encourage word-of-mouth marketing to attract new visitors.

A safe, secure, and well-equipped car park could be the difference between a good year or a ground-breaking one for your company!

So, if you’re considering ways to improve your business or looking at new premises to move into, parking should be an important factor. Convenience can significantly boost your customer experience, helping to generate more repeat sales and customer loyalty. Furthermore, it can give your business a competitive advantage versus competitors who may not be able to offer onsite parking. Whether you have the room for a couple of spaces, or for a more sizeable car park – parking can have numerous benefits for your small business.


Steph King is a content writer from the UK with a passion for writing about business and marketing.

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