Why video conferences are friends to small business

By Leila Doran

Your new business is growing, and there are more and more tasks to be done. If you want to be more professional and efficient, you may consider using video conferencing. There are numerous upsides of this type of communication and not even one downside.

Video conferencing will help you take care of business anytime, anywhere. It is especially valuable to small businesses that haven’t turned in big profit yet because it’s basically free of charge. Below are some reasons why you should consider using video conferencing on a regular basis:

You’ll save a fortune on business travels

The best way of conducting business is face to face. Some things can’t be done over the phone or email. In not that far past, the only way to meet with your business partners was to go physically there, which meant buying transportation tickets, booking a hotel, renting a car, etc.

With new video conferencing tech, you’ll be able to save loads of cash and plenty of time. Forget about packing, unpacking, not seeing your family for days. Weather forecast won’t be one of your interests anymore since you’ll be able to conduct business from your home office. Another good thing is you’ll be able to maintain productivity and continuity since you won’t be forced to leave town.

Better chance for connecting

Video conferencing technology will allow you to make and maintain many more business contacts with people all around the world. Business associates you gathered over the years can change their residence at some point, and doing it old way, you may get even more traveling costs. The new way will ease up the whole process a lot. All of your contacts will be on your screen and just one click away, regardless of their geographical position.

Video conferencing is supports team building

If your employees work remotely, they will be more than happy to have a chance to use video conferencing since it’s a great way for team building. Everyone will feel as a part of a group, regardless of their distance in miles. Video conferencing among remote employees is really good for small business because it allows better agility and flow of information. Keep in mind that most of the big corporations fail to achieve that.

Your workers will be able to exchange experiences, give feedback to each other, ask questions and get fast answers. Because of that, you’ll get increased productivity as a consequence. Video conferencing technology will save so much time since employees will be connected at any time, so the good old get-togethers can finally disappear from CEO’s plate.

Employee morale will be at high level

Frequent business trips can, and most probably will cause some serious fatigue to you and your best workers. The experts from Merge ICT video conferencing services recommend doing your best to save your key players from burning out syndrome. It can happen so easily, and it is hard to regain motivation and joy of doing their job afterward.

Once again, video conferencing technology will keep them near to their families and private time, while business won’t suffer a bit. On the contrary, you’ll see your workers satisfied and motivated to do their daily tasks. They will know to appreciate your endeavor to switch to a more efficient way of communication.

Better relationships among co-workers

The chance to see your co-worker while speaking to them is very valuable for any business. It is not enough just to hear their voice. Body language is so underestimated, but luckily our brains know to read it. Therefore, your employees will build better and stronger relationships if they have a chance to see each other in important work-related situations.

Improved employee education

Another perk you’ll get by using video conferencing software is facilitating education and training of new employees. And they will be able to do it at the same time, regardless of their location. You have the option to save the training conference, and that way you’ll also save a lot of time when educating your employees.


Incorporating video conferencing technology into your small business will change it dramatically. In just first few weeks of using it, you’ll see far better communication among employees, the job will be done much faster, and everybody will remain positive and highly motivated. You’ll witness better teamwork, stronger relationships, and above all, you won’t be forced to spend another dime on remote business meetings. Go ahead and start expanding your business with video conferencing technology.


Leila Dorari is a Sydney-based freelance writer who is passionate about the ways small businesses can advance implementing even only the small changes. Currently, she is spreading the word about how they can benefit from using quality video conferencing solutions.

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