Your small business can’t afford a mediocre website

If you’ve been putting off improving your small business website or making it compatible with mobile devices, delay no longer. As the data in the infographic below show, having a website that isn’t up to snuff as far as loading time and other factors consumers value, such as being easily readable on their cell phones and tables, presents a major roadblock in your ability to convert site visitors into customers.

Perhaps you’ve been putting off website upgrades because of the cost. This is probably penny wise and pound foolish. As the chart below shows,  $500 billion is lost annually due to slow loading websites.We’re all into instant gratification these days, and nowhere is that more true than on the Internet.

Make 2017 the year that your website moves up to be with the best, including its mobile compatibility.

Mobile and Ecommerce Stats 2016 – Source Hosting Facts

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