About Jeanne Yocum

Since founding my public relations and ghostwriting business over two decades ago, I have often said that my clients have provided me with an MBA. I have had to research and write about a huge array of business topics. I’ve also had the great good fortune to work with dozens of successful entrepreneurs and business people, many of whom are thought leaders in their fields and each and everyone of whom is passionate about success. In this blog, I will share what I’ve learned from these people over the past 20-plus years as well as tips I’ve learned from my own experience about how to get and keep clients.

Having survived three recessions, I think I know a bit about how to achieve small business success! I hope you enjoy my blog and that you will share your own experiences and ideas in the comments section. — Jeanne Yocum, author of The Self-Employment Survival Guide: Proven Strategies to Succeed as Your Own Boss, being published by Rowman-Littlefield early in 2018.

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