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The Self-Employment Survival Guide: Proven Strategies to Succeed as Your Own Boss alerts you to the challenges involved in being your own boss and provides proven strategies for surmounting these obstacles to achieve success. You’ll also learn what you need to put in place before taking the leap to being your own boss to help assure your success. 

Self-employment offers great personal freedoms and rewards, but the road can curve or travel uphill at times. In this book, you’ll find proven solutions for obstacles that inevitably will cross your path, including unreasonable client demands, slow payers, unexpected client defections, hectic daily schedules, health and financial planning, and isolation that can accompany working on your own. 

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The Self-Employment Survival Guide:

  • Provides an honest, comprehensive picture of the day-to-day joys and challenges of being your own boss.
  • Details proven coping strategies for common problems that arise when you’re self-employed. By knowing about these issues in advance, you can learn how to avoid some perils from occurring in the first place as well as what to do for those that are unavoidable..
  • Is based on almost 30 years of self-employment experience as well as ideas from seven colleagues and friends who all have been self-employed for several decades.
  • Helps you decide if you’re cut out to be your own boss and guides you on the plans you should put in place before making this leap.
  • Discusses eight common behaviors and attitudes that impede success at self-employment.

Unlike most books on self-employment, this one takes off the rose-colored glasses, and tells it like it is – the good, the unfortunate, and the ugly – all for the purpose of helping you achieve long-term success as your own boss.

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