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5 people you need on your start-up team

Michael Deane suggests five personality types who will help your start-up team thrive.

Build your value proposition with trendspotting and idea generation

Blogger Michelle van Schouwen talks about the importance of staying on top of trends and new ideas to assure that your products/services are in tune with what the market wants.

New book, Smartcuts, gives insights into how to fast-forward your success

Journalist and Web entrepreneur Shane Snow has a new book on nine strategies that can help you fast track success in your career or small business, writes blogger Jeanne Yocum.

Encouraging innovation: Rebuilding your airplane while in flight

The ability of a business to thrive depends to a large degree on its culture and employees. Successful companies create a culture and establish practices that foster innovation.

Leadership communications: Do people really know what you’re asking them to do?

It is vitally important for people working together to have a shared language – words that everyone knows specifically how to define. If you’re frequently frustrated by the results your people are achieving, a lack of a share language may well be at the root of the problem.

Intrapreneurs: Create an atmosphere that allows them to thrive in your small business

Intrapreneurs can help a small business maintain its competitive edge. But too often they’re labeled as troublemakers. Don’t make that mistake.

Leaders: Specifics matter when communicating key goals

While you may feel you’ve talked a topic that is critical to the future of your company to death, check to see if the right message has really gotten through.

Good reads: Issue #3: Creative daydreaming and other thought-provoking ideas

The idle mind may be the devil’s workshop, but it is also the mother of invention, according to journalist and blogger Clive Thompson.

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